Lamplighters Update

FEBRUARY 2nd 2022
LampLighters Update: Thank you to all who attended the Zoom Meeting earlier this month. The input from neighbors help focus our efforts to get the lights back up. Progress toward our goal of returning the lights to their original location along Wood Ave is being made in three important areas:
Conversations between ONEN and Colorado Springs Utilities have begun An in-person meeting with CSU representative, Charles Cassidy and Dutch Shultz and north end resident, Jon Thomas,  is expected as early as this week.  A thank you to Nancy Henjum, our District 5 City Council representative for helping to move this forward.
Restoration:   A committee including Dutch, Tim Boddington, Rob Harrison, Dave Lippincott, and Jon Thomas met and examined the lights that are in storage at a city warehouse.   The process of seeking bids for the restoration of the lanterns and the standards is underway.

Fund Raising:  Thank you to those who have made generous financial donations.   LampLighters has received donations from 22 households totaling just over 13,000.   The next step is to begin exploring and applying for grants.  We will be able to apply for larger grants as community support through individual donations increase. Email to volunteer, share ideas or to ask questions.  
Click here to make a donation.
Checks can be made out to NorthEndLampLighters and mailed to PO BOX 8185. Colorado Springs, CO 80933