The North End Lamplighters

A piece of history

 This piece is a breath taking portrait  of the 4 works of art having graced our street for 92 years only to be removed as of no importance and left to sit on the shelves of a remote warehouse collecting dust.

Our story
is built
our past,
and future.

ONEN President Dutch Schulz received calls and emails from concerned neighbors wanting to know what happened. Dutch, along with neighbors Frank Wright and Tim Scanlon met with CSU and determined the standards, lamps and parts were safely stored in city warehouses. CSU intended to replace the 1930 Lamps with modern lamps with an ‘historic look’.

Instead, many of us want to have the ornamental lamps returned to their original locations. Although we anticipate City Utilities will participate in the reinstallation, a combination of grants and donations from private residents will assure the four lights will be refurbished so they will grace our neighborhood for another 100 years. The Old North End LampLighter Project was created to achieve this goal. Our extended vision is to install new replica lanterns in the entire Old North End as an effort to honor our rich historical past and continue to light the way home.

In talking with residents, it became apparent that there are still questions that need answers about why the lamps were removed and what role CSU will have in putting them back. There is a team currently involved in finding answers to these questions. As our research continues we will be offering neighborhood gatherings to answer questions and invite feedback and participation.   Dates, times and locations will be sent out by email in the coming week.

The day our lamps were lost.

The North End Lamplighters

Working together to bring our history home.

OUR history

These lamps were a project created and paid for by the residents of wood avenue

These ornamental street lights were a public improvement project in 1930. They were  paid for by the residents of 1100, 1200 and 1300 blocks of Wood Ave. Maintenance was given to the City.

OUR neighborhood

History is what The Old North End is built upon.

You may have noticed this priceless piece of history has gone missing. Earlier this fall, four historic and intricately beautiful ornamental streetlamps were removed by Colorado Springs Utilities from their home of over 90 years along the Wood Avenue median between Columbia and Uintah.​

For the full history, read the in-depth analysis prepared by Jon Thomas.

Sit down, relax and grab a book. You are about to read all of the story behind these historical lights given by ONEN residents in 1925 until now as ONEN residents work diligently to bring them home.

The Lamps Return

KKTV News This Moring

By Melissa Henry
Published February 14, 2022

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Newsletters are no longer sent now that our lamps have returned and we thank our donors for making this possible.

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